The Neuro Surgery sapling was planted in KGH and AMC on 02-04-1956 by the father of Neurosurgery in A.P Dr.S.Balaparameswara Rao.It is the first surgical super specialty Department of the Andhra Medical College with a strength of 35 beds and is also the first neurosurgical unit of Andhra Pradesh.
On his transfer to Osmania Medical College he handed over the care of the department into the capable and loving hands of Dr. K.V.Chalapathirao in Jan, 1975. Under the stewardship of Dr Chalapathirao, M.Ch course was sanctioned in this college. During his tenure, he organized the XXXI annual conference of Neurological society of India in 1981 and our department gained recognition at the national level.

On his promotion and transfer to kurnool in May 1983 another dynamic academician, Dr I.Dinakar took over as the head of the department. By this time the neurosurgery tree started bearing fruits in the form of M.Ch degree. Dr.N.Subrhamanayam obtained the first M.Ch. degree at that time affiliated to Andhra University.

Dr B Rajendra Prasad became the H.O.D after Dr.I.Dinakar was shifted to NIMS, Hyderabad in 1985-86. Dr Rajendra Prasad contributed in the development of neurosurgery ward and established post operative A.C ward.

Dr.N.Subramanyam who paved the way for many M.Ch candidates became the HOD in 1992. In October 1993 he was replaced by Dr G.Rajendra Prasad who worked for a short while and gave way to Dr.B.Subba Rao in 1994.

Dr Subba Rao took keen interest in not only the development but also the medical college and hospital.

After his transfer on promotion, Dr.N.Subramanayam again became HOD in April 2000 and restructured the wards and modified the EBDEN operating theater and invited the NSI for 54 th annual conference in 2005 and organized the national conference making it a big success spreading the fame across the nation

Dr.Vishnu Prasad became HOD in 2005 and took the responsibility in improving the operation theaters

Dr.K.Satyavaraprasad took over the reign of the department in 2013 and is developing the department with full pace for a full fledged neurosurgical care at KGH/AMC.

M.Ch. course was started in 1983 and more than 20 candidates have successfully completed their

In 1991 an exclusive ‘Head Injury and Intensive Care’ wing was added with the help of Visakhapatnam Port Trust

The trauma care unit here have three neuro-surgeons and three anaesthetists along with 10 casualty medical officers, 40 staff nurses and 30 paramedical staff.

The Three Operation Theaters in Ebden OT of the Neurosurgery Department are well equipped with high resolution
operating microscopes and high speed drills , Neuro endoscope ,spinal endoscope.

The Department of Neurosurgery was concerned with training both undergraduate and postgraduate students from various specialties

​In June 1994 1st A.P NEURO SCIENTISTS meet was held in Visakhapatnam

And again in 2000 7th A.P NEURO SCIENTISTS conference was conducted by Department of Neurosurgery , Andhra Medical College

​The Department in association with Department of Neurology & Neuro Club hosted the 54th Annual National Conference of Neurological Society of India in December, 2005 where nearly 550 neurosurgeons & neurologists
and allied specialists participated. There are nearly ten international guest faculty with one day CME in advances in neurology & neurosurgery.

In 2012 APNSA meet was held in Visakhapatnam organized by the department of neurosurgery, andhra medical college for the third time

Office of the Principal, Andhra Medical College, Visakhapatnam
Present: Dr. P.V. Sudhakar, MS, MCh, DNB, FICS, FAIS
Reorganization of Department of Neurosurgery, Andhra Medical College/KGH

Ref: 1. Go. Ms. 60 Dated: 10-6-2020 Dept of HMFW
2. Lt from HoD, Neurosurgery, AMC Dt: 13-10-2020

In the reference 1 cited above, the Director of Medical Education has sanctioned one additional unit in Neurosurgery Department, AMC, VSP. In the reference 2 cited above, the HoD Neurosurgery has requested for reorganization of the existing staff in their department.

The Principal, Andhra Medical College, after careful examination, ratify the reorganization suggested by the Head of the Department Neurosurgery.

Accordingly the unit structure will be as follows

Sl.No Unit-1 Unit2
1 Dr. K. Satya Vara Prasad, Prof. & HoD Dr. M.V. Vijaya Sekhar, Design Prof.
2 Dr. P. Prahaladu, Asst. Prof. Dr. C.H. Surendra Kumar, Asst. Prof.
3 Dr. B.D.B.S. Naik, Asst. Prof. Dr. G. Ramakrishna, Asst. Prof.
4 Dr. T. Phaneeswar, Asst. Prof. Dr. M.P. Babu Nagendra, Asst. Prof.
5 Dr. G. Harshavardhan, Asst. Prof.

This will come into existence with Immediate effect (14-10-2020)

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